HomingPIN – Don’t Lose It, PIN IT

Fly Cruise Stay have partnered with HomingPIN to offer global protection to your bags and personal possessions 24/7, 365 days a year.

Homing PIN

Did you Know?

21.8 million bags are mislaid by airlines each year

1 in 6 mobile phones are lost

46 million items are found in hotel rooms each year

12,000 laptops are left in airport security each week.

What is HomingPIN?

You wouldn’t put your address on your keys or your personal data on your suitcase, bag, mobile phone or laptop.  HomingPIN is changing the way that lost property is dealt with across the globe.

Providing a global lost property recovery system protecting the things that matter most when you travel.  You can attach HomingPIN’s to almost anything! Bags, keys, phones, tablets, laptops, wallets, bikes, sports equipment, etc. You can connect directly with the finder to get your item returned or we can help arrange a courier to get your item back. FAST!

Email and SMS notification as soon as your item is reported found

  • HomingPIN is already integrated into the existing baggage system in every major airport in the world
  • Our simple online reporting procedure means HomingPIN works everywhere – trains, buses, aeroplanes, taxis, hotels, restaurants, etc., – globally!
  • Our 65-language global reporting portal removes language barriers when found abroad
  • Protects identity for safer travel
  • Proactive loss prevention

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