Four Corners Cultural Festival

Four Corners Cultural Programme

Tanzania Tourist Board through it’s Cultural Tourism Programme in collaboration with Four Corners Cultural Programme organize an annual cultural festival in Haydom-Manyara Region. The festival takes a format of a cultural celebration that brings together the four main language groups of Africa. In this frontier, the groups celebrates their cultural heritage in different ways to bring understanding of each others’ cultures and by so doing… fostering coexistence/peace amongst local communities that have totally different modes of production and lifestyle.

Cultural festival Haydom-Manyara

The event is held in rural area and involves a number of interesting activities such as traditional dance competitions for Khoisan group (Hadza people), Nilotes group (Maasai and Datoga), Bantu group (Nyisanzu, and wagogo, Wasukuma & others coming from other regions in Tanzania) and Cushites group (Iraqw tribe). Apart from traditional dance & music performances, the event conducts other competitions such as archery, Mock-stick fighting locally known as ‘Ilgend’, ‘Bao’ competitions and marathon. Alongside these competitions there is an exhibition for local art products, blacksmith products, farm produce, animal products, health services from Haydom Lutheran Hospital, travel & tourism, traditional fashion show & exhibition, bike rides/cycling, traditional ceremonies where local wines and beer are produced and shared.

Tribal dance

This event attracts over 2,000 people per day and involves over 3,000 students from local schools in various activities including traditional dance competition for local schools, essay writing competitions on various topical areas and sports.

The 2015 event was held successfully in Haydom and attracted people from within Tanzania, Europe as well as the USA.

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